Impact Of Tourism On Taiwan 's Tourism Essay

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In the twenty first century, tourism became one of the main industries in most of the country. The definition of tourism is a composite of activities, services and industries that the individual and group travellers travel to another long destination and receive a travel experience. Tourism creates economic, social and environment benefits to a country. It is an economic and social phenomenon. This essay will explain the range and economic importance of tourism in Taiwan; and how the two tourism characteristics which are uncontrollable external events and seasonality influence Taiwan’s tourism positively and/or negatively.

There are three ranges of the tourism products, such as, transportation, activities, accommodation (UNWTO, n.d.). Transportation creates an opportunity to transport people and goods from place to place. Taiwan concentrates on two priority development of the public transportation (Shi & Yang, 2013). On one hand is about safety, perfect service facilities. On the other hand is the accurate real-time information system, so the passengers are able to receive the right transportation information anywhere and anytime. These two aspects can provide traveller comfortable and convenient public transportation. The common transportation is air, bus, train, bus, car and taxis. In Taiwan, three unique transportation is operating, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Youbike (an urban bike lane network with a bike station service) (Taipei Youbike, 2014) and High Speed Rail.…

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