Essay on Impact Of The Industrial Revolution On The American Colonies

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Impact of the industrial revolution in England on the American Colonies Industrial revolution breathed a new life to both the American and the British societies. The revolution had both the negative and positive impacts of the development of the British and US. Thus in this essay am going to write, will focus more on the impact of Industrial Revolution in the US and prove the thesis that the Industrial Revolution had more development in the US and in a special way, it has given the American colonies more possibility of gaining new features in both the industrial development and economic development. With the Industrial Revolution, there was mechanization production that allowed the consumer goods to be produced easily. For instance, items like guns, furniture were produced in large quantities (Jones, 2010). In any case, after machines started delivering the parts or now and again the completed items themselves, the value fell, and accessibility of these things developed. In the US, the Industrial Revolution and the whole system of industrialization have obtained a specific character. For example, from one perspective, there has been a rapid stream of modernized process astounding for the countries of the "old private endeavor" gave a start to join the United States in the countries of "second echelon" of free undertaking change. On the other, the technique of modernization had a characteristic nature, and was realized by internal figures the progression of American…

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