Impact Of Technology On Society

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Throughout history, technology was used as a way to make completing tasks easier. The role of technology is constantly changing and improving thus making an everlasting impact on our society and years ahead. It has made contributions to the way we live and function. As technology is being used more and more each day, we have come to a realization that it contributes to mass production and communication networking. Not only has it made impacts on our world socially but economically as well.
Technology has created an impact on the social lives of people in society. One way in which it made an impact is that, it makes the social lives of many feel less limited than it would otherwise be. This means that, without technology one could only socialize
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Technology has made an effect on consumer purchasing. Since technology is so diverse, it contributes to everything in our lives. Especially in the way we intrepret things or how we are influenced. Advertising can be done through newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the internet. Out of all the various ways, the internet has made the biggest impact upon consumer purchasing. Through the use of the internet, advertising products and services are more effective and efficient since it saves on a lot of time. For example, using social media is not only an easier way to be in contact with your target market but also enables a larger target market due to the high volume of consumers available. With the help of technological advance in advertising, one is at an advantage of putting a good or service out into the public and thus placing a positive effect on consumer purchasing. As a result, the more they know about a product or service, the higher the chance of purchasing. In addition, everyone in society owns an electronic device in any form. Cellphones and cars have been drastically improved because of technology. Conventional cellphones became smart phones and cars running on gas advanced to being battery-powered. These new features and advancements has made communicating and traveling much easier. Thus, enabling more business for technological companies which places a positive …show more content…
For example, with advancements in forms of communication, there is a rise in smartphones. Smartphones are constantly being updated with new additional features. Due to these features, it makes communicating easier. This creates an increase in the demand of smartphones. Consumers are willing to purchase at any given price because of how useful and helpful they are. Thus, companies will increase the supply of smartphones as well. However, this leads to a decrease in the supply and demand of old cellphones because they are not being used anymore. Since consumers no longer want it, companies will begin to stop producing them in the end. Its decline in popularity greatly affects its demand as well. In short, mobile technology offers extensive help on various forms of social and economic development. Wireless communications broaden access to information, improve capital access, overcome geographic limitations, and expand market access (West 2012). Another example are cars. Cars are gradually starting to go from being operated through gas to battery-powered. Battery-powered cars are proven to be cheaper to operate and are even at a greater convenience. This leads to an increase in demand of battery-powered cars. Education is another contributing factor to the economic market. Books and reading materials are increasingly becoming replaced with computers and tablets. Schools have been enforcing the use the technology in

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