Essay on Impact Of Technology On Our Lives

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Technology has always been a big part of our daily lives even before technology was not considered something electrical. However, more recently technology, specifically entertainment technology, plays a bigger part than ever before. Originally when entertainment technology was just appearing in households with items like the television and the AtariⓇ it was fine to watch the television with the family or to have the kids play video-games. Nowadays it is common to see parents giving their children a phone or tablet to keep them occupied during a meal, or sending teens off to play videogames in their rooms. Even parents letting their children sit in front of the television for hours on end is the norm. More recently social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are at a child’s fingertip at anytime during the day. These apps fill their free time and sometimes their not-so-free time. While it may seem that these things are okay and harmless, it may not actually be okay in the long run. It has been found that children who overuse technology can receive many harmful effects, from decreasing their social skills to causing an increase in blood pressure levels and obesity.
Before there was a television, computer, or cell phone there were games. Played with the whole neighborhood or with a few friends. Games like tag, hide and seek, and Chutes and Ladders that are played at school and at home. These simple games help develop what Scholastic calls the four C 's;…

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