Impact Of Sales And Operation Planning Essay

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Impact of Sales and Operation Planning in Supply Chain Integration According to Notle (2015), sales and operation planning in supply chain integration positively impacts Amazon. The undertaking improves supply chain agility. The growth of a company can be attributed to the decision to implement sales and operation planning. The implementation of sales and operations planning may provide an increase in financial performance and can also realize growth in revenues. Amazon’s midterm and long-term forecasts would inform the operations management department that the company is on a positively progressive growth path and that there should be measures that make the trend sustainable. Amazon’s competitiveness is positively impacted by its operations in logistics, transportation modes, and warehousing. The occurrence is manifested through the development of infrastructure that supports the sales of DVDs, music, and books. In addition, Amazon’s current platforms are supportive of new entrants in the shipping industry to the marketplace. Amazon’s trucking system is also supportive of same day deliveries thereby posing a serious competitive advantage to its competitors. Amazon’s stake in the business-to-business space through Amazon Supply enables it to obtain numerous customers in the corporate world. The three aspects provide Amazon with a competitive edge in that their operations are leading in the industry.
Global Sourcing and Outsourcing Functions According to Brockwell (2008),…

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