Amazon Case Analysis

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Amazon Who is the audience for each section of the report?
The audience for Amazon’s report are people interested in investing, future shareholders, and people that are interested in learning about Amazon and their services. This is the intended audience because Amazon’s report has financial statements, a letter to shareholders, and information about the company and amazon’s services. There is also Amazon’s 10-K to show financials to shareholders and future investors. Then there is information about the company and the heads of the company. Last, there is information about their success and future risks.
What is the purpose for each section?
The letter to the purpose
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Give examples to support responses.
I think letter to shareholders section is for both people wanting to learn about Amazon and the shareholders. Then the financials section is for people that want to invest or are looking for a company to invest
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The Shareholder letter also informs the reader about Microsoft’s history and what the Microsoft’s staff has learned through creating the company. The financial data displays Microsoft’s income and stockholders’ equity. Microsoft’s report also includes licensing options to inform the reader that Microsoft is willing to engage with inbound and outbound patents and technologies.
Is the audience and purpose the same for the entire report or are there multiple audiences? Give examples to support responses.
First, the shareholder letter is intended for someone that wants to know about the company and potential shareholders. Second, the Licensing options section is intended for businesses interested sharing technologies. Last, the financial statements are for shareholders and people interested in investing with Microsoft.
How are the reports organized? How do the organization and format for each enhance or detract from the information presented?
The report is very well organized and includes a letter to the shareholder first, I feel that by doing this Microsoft can introduce themselves and give an overview of their company before stating financials. Then, Microsoft includes their financial data and then more information about their company. I feel that Microsoft’s organization enhanced the

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