Western Europe In The 16th Century Essay

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By the 15th century, Europe reached the peak of its success and surpassed the greatness of any other society during that time. The many religious and political changes that were made along with the inventions of new medieval technology contributed to Europe’s magnificence. This period of technological advancements, religious transformations, and introductions of new ideas led Europe to become one of the greatest nations of the Middle Ages. I will be focusing on four of the innovations that I believe helped bring Europe to its powerful position: Gothic cathedrals, medieval universities, paper mills, and the printing press.
The Gothic style used in architecture dates back to the 12th century in France and is said to have lasted until the 16th century1. However, this style had such a major
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Johannes Gutenberg invented the first movable type printing press in Mainz, Germany and over the next fifty years this technology rapidly spread across Europe. The primary effect the printing press had was that information could be transferred accurately and quickly. Most of the first books that were printed were of secular nature, but over time scientists started printing their findings and sharing them with other scientists. Other scientists would use this precise information to advance their understanding and printed their own solutions to the scientific problems. This led to the Scientific Revolution and greatly altered the view Europeans had about the world.
Europe was able to grow intellectually, economically, and religiously thanks to all these radical changes. The rapid dissemination of religion and knowledge united the cities-states within Europe with similar ideas and allowed it to become a thriving civilization. Not only did these new ideas benefit Europe during the Middle Ages, but they also had a long-lasting effect on the world we live in right

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