Impact Of Media On Women And Attitudes Towards Women Essay

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In Killing Us Softly: Advertising’s Image of Women, Jean Kilbourne (Jhally, 2010) focuses primarily on the effects of media on women and attitudes towards women. The objectification and dehumanization of women can be seen in many advertisements, with images portraying disembodied parts (often breasts), images juxtaposing women with objects, and images portraying women as literal objects. Kilbourne argues that the proliferation and saturation of unhealthy images circulated by ads in daily life creates a toxic environment in which a company profits from the sacrifice of an individual’s personal well-being (Jhally, 2010). The average American is exposed to over three thousand ads a day, seen everywhere from buildings to vehicles to food, resulting in a non-stop stream of information that is difficult to escape (Jhally, 2010). These advertisements sell not only products, but values, ideals, and concepts like normalcy, love, and success; many feel as though they are not personally affected by advertising, and that their attitudes and beliefs are not informed by the media (Jhally, 2010). Media’s influence on body image, sex and sexuality, and beauty is discussed by Kilbourne, as well as how this influence is often reflected in individual’s sense of self-worth and their behaviors (Jhally, 2010).
An advertisement by Veet features Snow White and the seven dwarves, one part of a series of images titled “Hairy Tales”; the central character has lifted her skirt and revealed an unshaven…

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