How Did Federalism Change

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How Federalism Changed in the Nation
Federalism is “a system that balances the power and sovereignty of state governments with those of the national government. Both the states and the national government derive their authority directly from the people, and the states have considerable autonomy within their areas of responsibility” (L. Tucker Gibson and Robinson, 70). There are three types of federalisms that have changed over time for our new nation today: dual federalism, cooperative federalism, and new federalism.
Dual Federalism is a “nineteenth century concept of federalism in which the powers or functions of the national and state governments were sharply differentiated with limited overlapping responsibilities” (L. Tucker Gibson and
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It “is a term used to describe recent changes in federal-state relationships” (L. Tucker Gibson and Robinson, 71). It has been used mainly by conservative presidents, proposing a delegation or return of power to the states and a decreased role of the federal government in domestic policy (L. Tucker Gibson and Robinson, 71). In the time George W. Bush was president, there had been thoughts that devolution was the proper way to run the government, since there was a belief that the powers of the national government had been drawn-out too far. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, these ideas have wiped out and therefore, the power of the national government continued to expand with George Bush’s administration, the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, and an expanded role of the federal government in setting public education accountability requirements (L. Tucker Gibson and Robinson,72-73). This event had really taken a toll on America, and it is said that it has been the worst destruction this country has ever had. The Patriot Act, “a measure that increased government surveillance powers in investigations of espionage or terrorism” (L. Tucker Gibson and Robinson,73), was then introduced by Bush to prevent these terrorist attacks to ever happen again. This event has forever changed the country in fear of terrorist attacks and now will produce a more safe and secure type of government for its

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