Impact Of Consumer Buying Behaviour

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The Effect of Consumer Buying Behavior on Managing A Brand.

Most of previously research focused on how factors of brand, like brand equity, brand loyalty, brand awareness, etc., impact on consumer buying behavior, so that in this project, the research will consider these two concepts, brand and consumer buying behavior, on another side that researching the impact of consumer buying behavior on brand management, and give manager some suggestions about how to manage a good brand. The purpose of this project is to analyze the features of the impacts of brand on customer buying behavior to put forward that how to manage a brand correctly.
Academically speaking, although consumer buying behavior has been focused and researched
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110; Ghochani & Zadeh, 2015, p. 308). Solomon (2015, p.15) argues that consumer buying behavior is not only a study, which just focuses on people, but also a good way to reflect products and brand identities from consumer’s point of view.
A brand can be a logo, a set of perception and images of the company, and it also can be a nature, promise of the product and service’s quality, the company’s reputation and position (Persuasive Brand, 2015), so a brand is a sign and factor that can help customers to identity or distinguish a specific product from other similar one (The Economic Times, 2015; Ghodeswar, 2008, p. 4; Keller, 2008).
Brand with good brand image, which include product quality and service satisfaction, can influence in consumer buying behavior by getting more intentions from consumers to the products (Ahmed & Ashfaq, 2013, p. 112). Nalchi (2013), cited by Ghochani and Zadeh (2015, p. 309), also found that brand could attract customers because of its products’ features like high quality and emotional value. In the same year, Sharma et al. (2013) also put forward that brand image is a key element can impact on customer buying behavior, especially for women customers purchasing beauty products. For example, Chanel is one of the most well-known luxury brand in the world with high quality and good reputation,
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For instance, Apple, as one of the most famous multinational technology company in the world, have high brand awareness that caused high considerations when customers want to buy smartphone, pad and personal computer, so that in 2015, Apple sold about 48.046 million iPhones, 9,883 million iPads, and 5.709 million Macs (Allsopp, 2015). Prendergast et al. (2002, p. 822) also illustrated that brand loyalty also can be a part of brand to impact on consumer buying

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