Essay Impact Of Anarchy On The South China Sea

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In a reality TV show, a realist, and a liberal discuss their view on the south china sea issue during one of the obligatory activities. Both scholars understand the impact anarchy has on international politics in the south china sea. Without an international government, there is no official authority that can moderate states actions at the international level. However, the impact of anarchy and the measures necessary to take for international cooperation are vastly different between the scholars. In the south china sea region, china claims authority over the territory, however, other states in southeast Asia claim ownership of either partial or the entire territory causing conflict between the states as to whom the territory belongs to. The association of southeast Asian nations (ASEAN) is an institution created to resolve the issues circulation the south china sea. Both liberal and realist contestant discuss their opposite views on the effects of the south china sea in terms of conflict and cooperation in the international realm.
During the scholar’s conversation, the liberal discusses how liberalism has brought cooperation and peaceful relationship between the state, favoring the ASEAN as an institution that has the potential to resolve the conflict that affects the economy internationally. China motivation to claim the south china sea, excluding any other nation that holds territory and would like to benefit from its resources, has created a major dispute that has come…

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