South China Sea Essay

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China has claimed land in the South China Sea, which has threatened neighboring countries and the United States. As US Representative to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), I have come up with a policy that goes along with the current Representative, Secretary Jacob Lew to reduce the threat through economic means. Currently, “The United States does not take a position on the sovereignty of any of the land features in the South China Sea, but we do believe that all claimants should exercise restraint as we go forward” (U.S.-China Press Statements). We can restrain their claims by becoming better economic partners or through use of economic force such as economic sanctions.
China’s territorial expansion can be shown through the DIME model. Through diplomacy, China violated a non-binding arbitration that ruled it had no maritime claims in the South China Sea. China claims that the islands are part of sovereign China, which has now caused a concern from the United States, its allies, and neighboring countries. The U.S. has information that China has claimed its construction of artificial islands and infrastructure, such as runways, support buildings, loading piers, and possible satellite communication antennas are strictly for civilian purposes. Militarily, China has the potential to deploy aircraft, missiles, and
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China should prioritize reforms that strengthen its social safety net, reduce industrial over-capacity, open up the services sector to competition, tackle rising corporate leverage, confront the associated challenges to the banking system, and allow for a market-determined allocation of credit. Despite the risks and challenges to a smooth transition, China has the tools to support domestic demand, particularly by using budgets to support consumer-friendly fiscal stimulus”

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