Immigration Of The United States Essay examples

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In this essay I will be explaining the immigration in the United States that is happening right now. Throughout the essay I have gathered information on Racism, while writing on how Immigrants are being treated in the United States modenerly. The Act of Racism, is spread to many people around the world, but people don’t take into consideration about what is happening to the Immigrants trying to migrate away from that. They suffer Racism while trying to simply have a better life in the United States or anywhere. The different political parties all have different thoughts on the Immigrants. Racism has many people thinking on what will happen in the future of America. What will Racism be like in the United States?

People might think what do politicians do to help the notoriety of the immigrants trying to get into the United States? Well facts collected says, That many politicians are all for immigration, but they are never mentioned in their campaigns. We all know different political parties have their own views, but the Republicans don’t want immigrants. “Republicans say that securing the border is their top priority”(Montebon). In their campaigns they really say what they want about immigration, but do the democrats? The answer is yes, they all talk about it, but they 're missing the racism that will be used against immigrants. There are many acts and laws, “The democrats have the Dream Act, the Dream Act is created for immigrants that want to contribute to society and be…

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