Essay On Racism In The United States

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Racism is a practice or ideology seeking to justify the unequal distribution of privileges, goods and even rights amongst the different racial identities. The modern variations are based on the social insight of the biological variations among people. Racism can take many forms like social actions, beliefs, practices and even some political structures that rank different races either inherently inferior or superior to others. This may be due to the shared inheritable abilities, traits and qualities. Racism can also be described as disliking or holding a negative opinion about someone solely by using their racial identities.
Does Racism Still Exist In The United States?
In America, racism is a hot topic. From religion, politics and economics, the ripples of racism are felt everywhere. Here, in most cases at least, the white race is viewed as the superior race than the rest by most racists. This was the case from the slavery era and the same mentality still manifests itself in modern America. A recent and widely published racist incident in the was when a white man, Dylann Storm Roof, donning the confederate flag walked into a church during
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The children are not to blame. If children grow up in a racist family, they are more likely to acquire their parent’s traits. People start to be racists right from childhood (Blackmon, 2008). The parents, therefore, can be their best teacher if racism has to be curbed. If parents teach their children that other races are evil, and only theirs is superior, they will grow up believing in what their parents tell them. Since the parents are the greatest influence in their children 's life, the children will always look upon them for guidance and support. If the children, therefore, are not supported and guided in the right way, they are headed on a dark road leading to

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