The Ideology Of Racial Profiling

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THESIS: Do you fit the profile? Racial profiling violates the Constitution and should be deemed unlawful.
The ideology of racism is classified as a belief that because humans are born subdivided, they are intrinsically different socially and mentally, which inherently distinguishes them as either inferior or superior.
Comparatively, racism can be defined as a feeling or conviction that a particular race is superior to other races. An example of racial ideology would be the treatment of African Americans by Anglo-Saxons.
Correspondingly, the practices of racism and racial profiling dates back many centuries ago. In the nineteenth century, when racial profiling emerged, scientists utilized it to ascertain whether or not a correlation existed
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Racial profiling is the extrapolation of information about someone in addition to particular characteristics, and utilizing that information to determine whether or not that person is likely to commit a crime. The Equal Protection Clause, “Prohibits states from denying any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Racial profiling is one of the largest issues in our society today. It stems from racism and its effects are felt globally. Since black males possess the greatest probability of being arrested in contrast to white males, one must question if they are legitimately at fault, or if they are being targeted unfairly by law enforcement. African American females, Latinos, Hispanics and Mexicans have also been victims of racial …show more content…
What is your reaction when you hear the names Trayvon Martin or Osama bin Laden? More than likely, each name stirs very different emotions within you. The name Trayvon Martin may make one think of racial profiling, whereas, Osama bin Laden makes one think of

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