Racism In Tim Wise's 'White Like Me'

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“Racism” is a word that means a lot of things to many different people. To some, it may be a thing of the past--something their ancestors dealt with. But to others, it’s a very current issue that cannot be ignored--some even having to experience firsthand the things that come with .
In Tim Wise’s “White like me”, it is brought to our attention that racism still subsists, and is very much alive and well. And despite our efforts to eliminate it, racism is still active, and unfortunately, many people are blind to it; especially those of the dominant race. White people, for example, have many privileges that they aren’t even aware of. They live their lives not worrying about the color of their skin, how it impacts them, and more importantly..how
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It is very interesting to hear and gives a whole other perspective of racism. It focuses not only on the issue, but also how we can strive to improve and better ourselves to make the world a better, less prejudiced place.
In chapter 3 of White Privilege by Paula S. Rothenberg, the author talks about how racism is sometimes hard to see, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still there. We only aid its effects by not talking about it or belittling it. At the beginning of the chapter, it states: “Racism hides in the background of Whiteness and is protected through a conspiracy of silence that aids in making it invisible”. The article also talks about how as long as racism is secretly acknowledged and known of, it gives white people the ability to acquire the integration of how it disadvantages people of other skin colors.
What many do not realize is that people who are white, though aware of their skin color, are not truly aware that they are white. Sure they realize that they are different from other races as far as skin tone goes, but they do not think anything of it because it is not something they are concerned with. The book reveals that “whiteness is very visible to many People of Color. Whiteness, however, continues to be primarily invisible to White Americans.” They go about their days not worrying what will happen in certain circumstances, because their skin color does not complicate things--which. is a huge contrast to people of color, as they live this life every single day. The book

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