Immigration Issues

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The talks regarding immigration in America have changed over the years but has always had the same underlying tone to the topic. In the early 2000’s, the main point of debates over immigration were to understand how many immigrants are actually in the United States and how many immigrants are coming into the country annually, legal and undocumented. When the major immigration reform lead to new immigration policies in America in 1985, illegal immigration has increased as well as wages falling for entry level positions, which is a direct effect of the illegal immigration (Hanson, Pg. 9). The constant underlying factor of immigration debates throughout the last thirty years have always been about how to cut down illegal immigration and possible …show more content…
More recently, the country has become much divided on this topic because of controversial policies that have been put in place by the government. The government has placed policies that made it to where the borders seem to be basically unprotected which has led to a huge increase in illegal immigration in the U.S. (where it was already at a substantial annual rate). Many politicians are looking to the negative effects of illegal immigration because it can potentially be very dangerous to the American people. When people cross the border illegally, they could be anybody, not just people coming from Mexico. They could be members of ISIS or they could be carrying diseases that they may or may not realize they have, then when they come to America it can potentially be very bad for Americans, which has led to the idea of no grey area in immigration. The illegal immigration numbers have become almost out of control because of the lack of institutionalized polices and enforcement along the border in the last two years. In the last year, crimes from undocumented immigrants increased substantially because of these policies that they have sort of disregarded, in recent debates, these are the topics that are brought up because of the effects they are having on this

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