The Impact Of Unocumented Immigration

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Immigration policies have become a common topic of debate within the United States in recent years. There are a wide array of different viewpoints and strong opinions on topics related to the subject, such as whether undocumented immigrants residing in the states should be offered asylum or deported. Typically, either undocumented immigration’s impact on the nation’s economy or its social impact are the central focus of the ongoing debates in regards to what policy should be and how it should be maintained. Often immigration’s social impact is typically seen as negative while economically it is viewed as positive. Although, arguments can be made for either side for both aspects. Regardless of one’s views, it is predominantly agreed that policy makers need to address the issue and create solutions as undocumented immigration has a significant impact on the nation, particularly in boarder states such as Arizona. In 2007 Jack Martin, the special projects director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), reported that the illegal population of the country was between 11 and 13 million persons, and has been rising each year by about half a million persons. In 2012, “Nearly half (47%) of all illegal border crossings into the U.S. occur along the Arizona border with …show more content…
This proposed solution to address the problem of undocumented immigration is unpopular with a majority of American Citizens, “… a majority of Americans (57%) in February 2011 said that the Constitution should remain as it is, allowing any child born in the U.S. full citizenship; 39% favored changing the Constitution to bar birthright citizenship” (Goo, What Americans want to do about illegal immigration). Which makes this measure incredibly unlikely to be put into action within the near

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