What Is The Pros And Cons Of Immigration In The United States

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Trought the years there 's always been a concerns about immigration in the US. Some Americans are not happy with the idea of having illegal immigrants in the US, they believe that immigrants are the ones that are jeopardize the economy of the united states. The big concern in the US right now is that immigrants are afraid for what is about to come for America there was a controversy in the politics by Donald trump whether to build a wall which will separate the Mexican borders from the US that way they can prevent immigrants from getting in to the united states.

I was really interested in the topic about immigration and I did some research within these articles, I found out that there 's a lot of people that don 't feel safe
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The national government only answers how many immigrants and from where so instead of explaining whether immigration is encouraged or not. Most Americans think that immigration is undesirable and is not even necessary and thus Americans are not for the idea (Williamson & Chilton, 23). Most of the immigrants allowed during the past years included people from Europe who provided cheap and skilled labor in America. Therefore immigration was of beneficial to America before immigrants from other continents came up and increased the population instead of actually helping the American economy. The progressive movement however advocated for restrictions on immigration since many immigrants came to America and caused strain on the environmental resources. Immigration according to this article has never brought prosperity to the United States and therefore citizens advocate for restrictions of immigration to take place (Williamson & Chilton, 26). Just like other nations have suffered from immigration, unite states cannot be exceptional since the immigrants invade the country. Through ideological thinking immigration is not necessary since it is seen to bring more problems instead of actually benefiting the countries. Though immigration is seen to promote cultural diversity nations and especially Americans still do not support this immigration since it is not of beneficial to

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