Immigration Is A Problem For The United States Essay

1244 Words Nov 21st, 2014 null Page
Immigration is a hot topic in the news almost every day. They talk mostly about how bad immigration is horrible for the country and how many problems it is causing for the country and needs to be controlled. Most people hear this one side of the immigration debate and tend to agree with these ideas without seeing all sides of the arguments and seeing all of the facts. There are two different but very important sides on how immigration should be dealt with; should the United States allow immigration into the country or should they try to control it. Supporters of the libertarian theory or the property theory, you feel that immigration is not a problem for the United States and should not be restricted. On the opposing side, theorist argue that immigration is a problem that needs to be controlled and that the immigration should not be allowed into the country. No matter your opinion, it is important to realize both sides of the debate. In this paper, we will explore both sides of the issue. When both sides are recognized it will be clear that immigration is not just black and white and is more complicated than most people think. In order to understand how the country should deal with immigration, it is important to realize why people immigrate in the first place. According to Portes, people immigrate because of the push pull theory. This theory describes the different factors as to why people leave a certain country, called the push factors, and certain factors that draw…

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