Essay about Immigration Is A Big Topic On Todays Society

814 Words May 6th, 2016 4 Pages
Immigration is a big topic in todays society. There are many views to this issue, but it changes when we talk about poor, harmless children. Children who traveled many miles to get to this country without a roof over their head. To aspire to have a better lifestyle than that of their parents. To have a promising future. but all those dreams are crumbled to pieces when they try to go to college due to being an illegal immigrant. This is an issue around 65,000 youth immigrants have to go through and this isn’t only from north American countries but from all around the world. But they weren’t alone in this they had both a republican and a democratic on there side. Orin Hatch and Dick Durbin first introduced the dream act to the senate in 20001.i believe the senate should pass some form of the dream act it will not only benefit the poor innocent immigrants but can help with the global economy, can benefit the economy, and help build a stronger national security. The dream act will make our country more competitive in the global economy. These young illegal immigrants will take this opportunity to the fullest extent. These immigrants would be extremely thankful for the opportunity they are receiving by doing really good in school which will make that college or university look better. Which would eventually make the United States look better against other countries and their schooling. In the long run smarter students from all over the world would want to come the united states…

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