Immigration Across The United States Essay

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Immigration is something that has been occurring for centuries. It takes place in a multitude of ways and in numerous countries. In fact, the majority of United States residents are descendants of immigrants or are immigrants themselves. Unless a U.S. resident is 100% Native American, or Indian as Christopher Columbus once mistook them for, then their family tree possesses at least one immigrant. Over time, immigration has poured its way into the United States, stirring in a dash of heritage, a sprinkle of ethnicity, and a drop of culture, in order to grant it the popular and widely-known nickname of “The Melting Pot.” Although it has been transpiring for centuries, immigration has always been a heated topic, and based off of its enduring history, it will continue to be in high debate on into the future. Furthermore, many people in the United States have formed those die hard opinions on the topic due to how it affects the country. Overall, from the first colonists sailing over on the Mayflower to the condition that it currently resides in, immigration has irrefutably become one of the most heated topics in today’s time and has affected the United States in a myriad of ways.
In the year 1620, America received its first true glimpse of immigration. Although, for several of the pilgrims, the trip on the Mayflower was not their first visit to America. “One notable figure, Stephen Hopkins, had even tried to settle in the New World 10 years earlier, in the Jamestown colony of…

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