Immigrants And The United States Essays

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Growing up in a Mexican-American community has put me at an advantage, by being able to explore and experience both sides of the spectrum, I now understand the obstacles that immigrants encounter. Fortunately enough, both my parents entered the United States of America legally and my father is now a United States Citizen. However my aunt and cousins came to the United States of America illegally, I saw how they struggled to find a stable job that would give them enough money to supply for every single person in their family. They had to find a place where they wouldn’t feel afraid to go out and live life like anyone else would, instead of hiding in the shadows. I was lucky enough, that my parents enlisted my siblings and me into an excellent public school system. Having graduated and now attending college has only proven to me that with all the support from my parents I have gotten this far. Understanding the disadvantages that immigrants has helped me come to the conclusion that I support the idea of allowing immigrants to remain in the United States. I am aware of the difficulties that, the United States might face in the legalization process but fully support it. I would like to explore the following question: “How do immigrants impact our society?”
Initially, an academic search article that caught my attention was called: “Illegal Immigration: A Positive Economic Contribution to the United States” by Ramanujan Nadadur. As stated by Nadadur, people have entered the United…

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