Ilm Level 3 Coursework Essay

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ILM Project
Award in First Line Management

The level of wasted stock from the pick & mix counter.


The …… is an award winning visitor attraction in the UK . However is also and indeed primarily a conservation and educational charity which aims to entertain and educate visitors on the plight of the…….. The…..houses one of the finest …………. Onsite there is also a major research, breeding and conservation programmes, which work alongside similar charities worldwide.


I work within various departments of ……., my main role however is in the gift shop, retail department. We are a small team who oversee the running of the gift shop. The department is quite independent in as much as all stock ordering,
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Taking the data from our stock control system, I have recorded the sales of pick and mix for 5 days taken at random and also noted the number of groups using the shop on these days, these results can be found in Appendix A. During a quiet day I also recorded exact sales of sweets by two groups of visitors, the results are shown in Appendix A.

Using these figures we can see that in an average group of 30 children, 20 will buy sweets spending between £1 and £1.50. Average sales of pick and mix for each group will be roughly £25. If we consider we often have between 3 and 5 groups a day visit the shop, this equates to an average of between £25 and £75 a day on sweets alone. On days were visitor numbers are low, say January and December, these amounts can often make up to 33% and even at times 50% of the daily takings.
How sales of pick & mix contribute to daily takings.



In order to analyse further I spoke to colleagues in all departments and compiled the above Ishikawa of causes, and ideas for the weighted criteria chart which follows.

Resolution of problem

We are hoping to find a way to reduce the high levels of pick and mix stock wasted within the gift shop.

I have chosen to use a weighted criteria to compare some of the solution options which came up through discussions

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