Illegal Immigration Is A Controversial Issue For Many Years Essay

717 Words Sep 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
Illegal immigration has been a controversial issue for many years, it’s a conversation that most Americans have had at some time with some disagreements. Immigration laws have negatively put the illegal immigrants from Mexico who live and work in the United States under the spotlight, but it is also an issue that has grown out of control due to media and politicians. Illegal migration could somewhat be controlled if the process to become documented were easier, thus would help boost the economy and assist the migrants to up bring their families out of poverty. For a Mexican national, coming to the United States, is difficult to obtain a work visa or even a visa to come visit family. For a visitation visa you have to a passport valid for at least six months after the interview, a voting card, and documentation showing assets, employment and current financial status. To obtain a work visa, you have to submit applications/documentation from the employer that varies depending on the type of employment that wants to be obtained. Most of the applications and document preparers can be costly, and the only option the Mexican immigrant has is to come to the US illegally. On the beneficial side, we would have more people to feel the unwanted open positions. Having the ability to fill these positions would assist in the fast growing economy that the United States is known for. After the recession ended construction companies all wanted to increase their workloads but were lacking…

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