Essay about Illegal Immigration Is A Big Concern

1649 Words Dec 4th, 2016 7 Pages
Illegal Immigration is a big concern in our government today. Every year thousands of illegals enter the united states seeking a better life for them and their families. That all seem fine but many Americans feel like their country is being invaded and taken over by those illegal immigrants. They believe that undocumented people are taken all the jobs available in the country and are costing our country millions. So you have to wonder are illegal immigrants hurting our country’s economy? With the recent comments made in by presidential nominee Donald Trump about Mexican immigrants and building a wall to close off over the border, the conversation about what we should do with the consistent influx of illegal immigrants. I argue the illegal immigration is not harmful to the American economy, but is actually beneficial to our country in many ways by paying billions in taxes and making food cheaper. The United States should welcome illegal immigrants into our country instead of trying to deport them. Illegal Immigration cost our government a lot of money, with having to protect our borders from intruders, the deportation process, and more. “ The Centre for American Progress estimates that a mass deportation from the US would cost an average of $10,070 per person”(CNN) with over 11 million illegal immigrants already in the united states it would cost our country billions to remove every single undocumented immigrant and that’s just one of the cost we have to pay for. After a…

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