How To Reduce Illegal Immigration

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Illegal immigration

A country is created and maintained by how strong its borders are. Recently the United States of America has seen a spike in illegal immigration. America is considered a melting pot and while immigration is a wonderful thing filled with great people bringing in new ideas, cultures, languages, and life styles, it must be controlled to reduce and limit its harmful effect. This prompts the question of, should the United States adopt stronger immigration policies to limit the flow of illegal immigrants entering into the United States? The first and most obvious positive aspect of immigration to our country is the cultural diversity. All immigrants travel to the united states with diverse ideas, cultures, traditions, and other ways of life different from our own here. This results in the citizens of America having
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Immigrants typically come to the United States with very little if any education.. While few uneducated immigrants can be beneficial, large amounts result in immigrants taking unskilled, low paying jobs from Americans. This job loss leaves many Americans without work. Since most immigrants take the low paying jobs it’s hard to support themselves which creates a large economic burden placed on the United States economy in the form of welfare and government assistance payed out to illegal aliens. Immigrants receive and average of $5,692 dollars per household compared to the $4,431 payed to nonimmigrants (Illegal immigrants get). In total illegal immigrants receive close to 103 billion dollars per year in government assistances (Illegal immigrants get). This puts our country into greater debt while receiving no tax money in return. To save our country from losing so much money and feeling the harmful effects we must increase the strength of immigration

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