Illegal Immigrants And The United States Essay example

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The United States borders have repeatedly failed in keeping Americans safe, and denying entry from illegal persons. Illegal immigrants enter the country each day. There is an estimated 11.7 million illegal immigrants living in the country today (Costa). Many illegal immigrants do not pay taxes and take away jobs from actual citizens. Illegal immigrants also pose a huge threat for national security, many illegals fleeing their home countries due to crimes they committed. Along with illegal criminals entering the country, some bring drugs, and illegal substances and weapons. Terrorist organizations also bring in hundreds of illegal radicals each year.
Immigrants coming from the middle east have little information known about them, posing massive security threats to America. The United States must crack down on this issue, strengthening our borders, as well as implementing background checks. If policies are put into places that make the United States more secure, the nation 's security and well being will be drastically improved. Jobs will go back to legal citizens, less criminals will be living in America, and Americans will live in a much more safe and prosperous environment. Immigrants who enter the country illegally negatively affect the United States economy. Many illegal immigrants do not pay taxes or pay into the system they are taking advantage of. Illegals also take jobs from legal American citizens because they are willing to work for cheaper. When the jobs are…

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