Essay on Illegal Immigrants And The United States

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Donald Trump has been having a lot of support with his solution to illegal immigrants. Trump has announced that he’ll build a stronger wall, deport almost 11 million undocumented immigrants. The reason why Hispanics cross the border is that there are more opportunities in the United States. Based on evidences having illegal immigrants in the United Stated doesn’t make it the worse country. Some people believe that having immigrants in the United State make the economy worse. According to The Fiscal Times, research concluded that undocumented immigrant’s give a push to the upcoming businesses, expanding the Americans workforce for a low income and don’t receive any public benefits or health care. People make myths about illegal immigrants not paying taxes, but evidence from Vice News, showed really that the undocumented workers pay half and are banned from taxpayer funded programs. Such as social security, Medicare, welfare and food stamps. Also, that undocumented immigrants contributed about 12 million dollars to social security trust fund in 2010. My opinion is that if undocumented worker contributes in paying their taxes, they should totally have the same benefits as citizenships.
Hispanics believe that there are more opportunities in the Unites State than in Mexico. Employment is an important thing in life, it provides an income and security. In Mexico, it doesn’t matter how many hours you work, at the end of the week you won’t make enough money to support your family.…

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