Essay on Illegal Immigrants And The United States

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Immigration laws have resulted in a situation where many illegal immigrants live and work in the United States, and the laws must be changed so that illegal aliens are either deported, if they have a criminal record, or legalized, based on their contribution to the United States. It would be beneficial to American society to legalize immigrants because they pay their taxes and contribute to America’s economic prosperity, they add to the diversity and richness of American culture, and many have established homes and raised children who are American born. Illegal immigrants and their contribution to American society has been a question for many years as being negative or positive. Immigrants play a big role in the American economy as far as adding on to the food industry, and also growing foods and plants and labor force. The taxes they pay exceed the costs of the services they receive. Tax and welfare also the amount of benefits received equal out to the amount of zero, due to the productions of farming and product production in the food industry. Illegal immigrants are important to america’s fruit and vegetable industry(USDA) and without their part in production of needs of everyday life, it will be a significant decrease. “Statistics show that 2.5 million farm workers in the United States, 53 percent are Illegal immigrants”. Immigrants pay taxes, but they also, “contribute to 10 percent (300 Billion) in Social Security trust funds”. United States wealth has increased by 1…

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