Essay on Ignorance And Driving : The Road

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Ignorance and Driving There are many ways that a person can be ignorant while on the road. From not wearing a seatbelt to checking the phone. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people do not think about how their behavior can greatly affect another person’s life. Being ignorant while driving a car or even motorcycle can cause accidents and even death. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death in people, ages ranging from one year to fifty-four (CDC). Think about someone you love dying because pf someone else’s ignorance on the road, then think about how often you are just as ignorant. Not wearing your seatbelt, checking your phone and driving under the influence are all behaviors that need to be changed in society today. First of all, we are always hearing the phrases “Click it or get a ticket” or even “Buckle up, someone needs you”. These statements are incredibly true, but why do we still ignore the simple task of buckling our belts every single time we get in a car? According to the Center of Disease and Control 2.2 million adult drivers are rushed into the emergency room with injuries from a car accident. Even with this startling fact people continue to ignore that little seatbelt for various reasons. Maybe it just is not cool to wear a seatbelt anymore, or maybe they are in a hurry. Teens ranging from thirteen to twenty that died in a car accident in the year of 2012, only half of them were wearing seatbelts (CDC). The Center for Disease and…

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