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HBS Case IDEO Product Development


IDEO, arguably the most successful design firm in the world, has been in the creativity and innovation business for over 20 years. IDEO started with a merger of three design companies, which brought together the capabilities to offer the design, development, and manufacturing of products for client companies. IDEO practices a non-formal five-phase process for development of a project, which uncovers the successes and failures of a design. These phases include frequent brainstorming, rapid and repeated prototyping, and concurrent engineering, which combines art with engineering to produce a functional and visually pleasing product. IDEO considers each phase of their process
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Often, the designers will develop characters and a storyboard around an imagined consumer to better anticipate the customer’s needs.
4. Evaluate and refine the prototypes in a series of quick iterations. IDEO believes that no idea is so good that it cannot be improved upon. A key part of the IDEO process is its focus on prototyping. Prototyping guarantees that designers, leaders, staff, and specialists have effectively created a model that will serve the client well. Prototyping for IDEO follows the three “R”s of Rough, Rapid, and Right. This process focuses on the client’s perception and provides conditions to get the job right while meeting the client’s expectation. Prototyping will focus on the art of trial and error to produce flawless successful final models. Instead of offering management a sleek new product that does not serve clients well, the firm believes that occasional failure is part of the innovative process. Kelley calls it “enlightened trial and error” which refers to an environment of building and experimenting, mistake-forgiving, and adaptive culture (Enlightened Trial and Error Outperforms the Planning of Flawless Intellects, 2009).
5. Implement the new concept for commercialization. Great design does not serve customers by sitting on a shelf. IDEO builds great teams and provides inspiring workspace while it recognizes the importance of getting the products to market quickly.

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