Identity, Social, And Social Class Essay example

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Each individual has an identity in relation to other individuals, communities and most importantly the world. This identity is developed by how an individual views oneself and the world and in turn how the world sees them. An individual’s identity changes from the amount of power an individual has in relation to other individuals and groups. Through shaping your identity your power changes along with your relationship to others and the world. Notably some identities you’re born with race, gender, religion, social class, and name defines your identity and power from others. For example being identified as a woman you’re not as physically strong as men or being wealthy can be identified as having power.
The idea of identity defining one’s power and accordingly how others and the world will see them. Is unlinked when an individual constantly work towards a goal that will better themself, their community and most importantly the world. Through the beliefs that one must learn to shape themselves and work to benefit their community. Through this belief they will break the power barriers set between race, gender, religion and social class, These ideas are expressed by Octavia E. Butler in her novels, Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents. Narrated through Lauren Olamina’s journal entries and excerpts from her book Earthseed and the Bible. In Lauren’s journal entries it’s revealed she’s constantly shaping the identity and beliefs of Earthseed to redefine herself and her…

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