Identify a Specific Hrm Issue in Your Organization and Develop a Proposal That Includes: Background Information on the Issue an Explanation of What You Think Needs Improvement and Why the Change Is Required. Benefits You Plan to Achieve.

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Title: Performance Management Issues

Assignment Topic:

Identify a specific HRM issue in your organization and develop a proposal that includes:

Background information on the issue
An explanation of what you think needs improvement and why the change is required.
Benefits you plan to achieve.


Word count (from the start of the Introduction section to the end of the Conclusion section): 1590

Executive Summary

The key purpose of Strategic Human Resource Management is to bolster an organization’s strategic plan by ensuring consistent alignment between the human resource functions and the plan’s outlined strategic objectives. An organization’s achievement of strategic objectives is contingent on employee
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Its purpose is therefore administrative. Based on feedback I’ve gotten from employees of different departments, it’s apparent that managers hardly even rate accurately for fear of raising employee’s defensiveness and de-motivating them. I even had the experience where my previous manager gave me the assessment form he was supposed to complete and told me to rate myself and he would just sign it and send it back to the HR department. There are no reward systems to encourage high performance.

Examination of Performance Management System

It is quite clear that managers should be trained how to appraise employees. They should be informed of the strategic importance of performance appraisals in this training, and top management should create policies to ensure that appraisals are done more frequently. The training can serve as an avenue to educate them about rater errors and how to avoid appraisal politics. Noe et al (1999, pp. 351-354) outline five salient criteria to be used when evaluating performance management systems which I will use as a yardstick to express some of my points. They are strategic congruence, validity, reliability, acceptability and specificity. Strategic Congruence is a measure of the extent to which behaviors consistent with the achievement of strategic objectives are encouraged and rewarded. It is difficult to ensure consistent strategic congruence at the Ministry of Local Government due to the irregularity of

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