Ideas and Beliefs in Justine Larbalestier's 'Liar' Essay examples

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“To what extent were your ideas and or beliefs confirmed and/or challenged and extended by Justine Larbalestier’s novel Liar?”

Justine Larbalestier’s enthralling novel Liar features unreliable protagonist, Micah Wilkins, dealing with issues of identity and truth. I have come to realise, through studying Larbalestier’s novel, that the ideas of truth and identity can be extensively challenged, that lies can become someone’s identity. Micah’s cryptic character has forced me to question what I trust and who I think I am. I have been faced with rethinking my views on sexuality, gender roles, guilt and the real meaning of ‘truth’ due to Micah’s questionable and unpredictable words.

Due to society’s restrictive and sexist attitudes towards
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I am a good girl after all” (p. 116). This tells me that Micah believes being a ‘good girl’ is not having sex- this only emphasises my suspicion that Micah desires to be a man because men are free of the ‘slut’ label. She has desires that she feels she can’t pursue without judgement due to her being a biological woman.

Identity can be formed from the constructed truth and straight-out lies; people can create their own realities. “[The worst danger of being a liar] is when you start to believe your own lies” (p. 194). Micah’s story suggests that when you begin to believe your own lies, it shapes who you are and becomes your ‘truth’. I believe Jordan’s death contributed to Micah’s muddled identity, that his death was so traumatic that she created a world of her own to escape the reality. I believe that Micah was responsible for her brother’s death because of how she refers to him: vile, horrible and awful. Micah depicts Jordan as being this way so it’s easier for her to deal with her guilt, “…maybe the world is better the way I tell it” (p. 234), “We don’t talk about [Jordan’s death]. I can’t think about it” (p. 284). My assumption with this theory was formed by my own experiences. Whenever I have lost something of value, I told myself that it wasn’t that great or important anyway which resulted in less guilt and unhappiness; we lie to ourselves in hope of finding protection from confronting notions. Perhaps the reality Micah has formed for herself actually becomes

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