ISIS Conflicts

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International conflicts have proposed a threat to the United States for several years. Most of the conflicts involved terrorist groups. The United States government is not always sure how to fully respond to these conflicts. Recently America has been faced with a conflict, and the conflict is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). America for years has had ties to the Middle East. They now feel they must aid the Middle East when they are in a time of need. We are one nation, 313,900,000 people, now dealing with a terrorist group. Stopping ISIS from spreading in to Syria is our next step for the safety of Americans everywhere, as ISIS has targeted the United States. ISIS is not only worrying America, but also the countries neighboring …show more content…
We are at war, does he not notice that there are terrorist we are fighting? If ISIS continues to rule over parts of the Middle East prices on certain goods in America will rise, such as gas, a major import from the Middle East. We need to finish the job, Utah State Representative spoke on the issue of ISIS with fox news and stated “They want death and destruction to the United States of America.” Is this what we are waiting for? The United States Military should have attacked them in January. The mission is to stop ISIS which is now spreading to Syria where we need to now enter to have an efficient …show more content…
Now America is taking action, but not fast enough. We have been told by President Obama that we are dealing with a manageable problem, although he will not make a decisions on how to attack or strike. The United States is now in this war to finish the mission, this new war that the government has put us in is going to be a long haul. We need to continue by striking Syria, this may take weeks, months, or years, but we need to finish what we have begun.
Terrorist in the world have been seen as large and small, we are now dealing with ISIS. Who is growing rapidly, we need to stop observing and start participating. We have known of ISIS since January and America has finally begun to attack. Safety for our nation is what we need and to have safety we need to defeat the terrorist groups. This new war America has gotten into is growing at a rapid pace, to control how large it gets we need to enter Syria and complete the mission. ISIS is growing and if we do not act fast as a nation they may continue to kill innocent

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