IOM Reflection Paper

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Hello, I am Eromosele. I love Grand Canyon university. Page 1 Page 1Grand Canyon University Sept. 20th, 2015 Omonzua Eromosele THE IMPACT ON NURSING OF THE 2010 IOM REPORT ON THE FUTURE OF NURSING. Despite so many changes and make overs nursing profession has made, it was still very odvious that the profession is still not ready and will not be able to handle the forseen problems ahead of the profession, neither does it have idea on how to ratify the problems before it becomes overwhelming. In october 2010, the Institute of Medicine 's (IOM) came up with a report after extensive research on the Future of Nursing: Leading Changes, Advancing Health, and came up with this outlines that would help nurses to be able to provide quality, and value health care that would satisfy the diverse future population. The IOM also came up with three recconmendations that would give american access to high …show more content…
As patient 's advocate, nurses should have the mind to becoming leaders and this would pave way for us to be where decisions are being made relating to health care so that we can make contributions on how to improve patient 's care. Since nurses are the closest to patients, we understand them more any other field in health profession, our imput matters alot so that they would be represented appropriately. Nurses of those days were seen as people that carry out physicians order, we cannot think and do things on our own, we are free loaders because the public do not really see what we do and earn money for. With the help of education, making good judgement, and stepping into leadership role, nurses would be able to completely wipe out that stigma and lead the profession into improving health care that is more assessable, available, convenient, and as this improvements are taking place, nurses should not forget patient safety, ethics, policy making, and translating research into

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