I 'm A Good Person Essay

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“I’m a good person,” Travis told himself. He was sitting down on his bed in his jail cell, staring at the paintings he painted during his lengthy stay in prison. There were three paintings; the first one was of a 4 year old girl playing on a playground, the second was of a girl posing in a blue prom dress, and the last was of a woman looking at the horizon in a wedding dress. These are meaningless to me now, he thought. The girl in the paintings started to cry, so he slowly lifted himself from his bed and took down the paintings, his hands shaking. I’m going crazy in this place. Before he could take down the last painting, a prison guard knocked on the door of his cell. “It’s time to go to your other cage,” the prison guard said, “time to have your fun.” Travis could see a hint of a smile on the guard’s face through the small window of the prison door.
“I need to take down this last painting,” Travis said. He took it down as quickly as he could, almost dropping it with his trembling hands. Then he stood at the door, and turned around before the guard demanded him to. “Good boy.” The guard handcuffed and searched him, then he led him out of the cell, and they started to walk down the hallway. “The sun is out today.” As Travis was being led to the recreational cages, he glanced at the prisoners who were still in their cells, staring out of their windows like animals at a zoo. Many of them nodded at him and smiled; he even caught the nod of a prison guard while he was…

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