Essay on I Work At A Career Center

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I work at a career center, and the students that attend my campus come from the four high schools that are in the district. Our campus focus is on career and technology education, and we offer a wide array of programs. Our 2015/2016 plan includes goals for the entire CTE department and major initiatives for my campus. I will explain the need and rationale for the goals that will contain measurable data, and the principal’s role as a leader in the plan. The thought behind the plan is to improve the learning for our students, so they have the opportunity to achieve and be successful during and after high school. In our building, teachers are encouraged to pursue certification and licensures for the students in their program. All of the certifications and licensures that students can earn in CTE are free of cost for them and are recognized by the different career and technology industries. One of our performance objectives in CTE is to increase the number of industry recognized licensures and certifications by 10% each year. As a leader of the school, it is important to work with classroom teachers on the certification and licensures and keep them informed on any new certifications recognized by the state or Texas Education Agency. Furthermore, principals are there to support the teachers financially in obtaining any necessary license the campus needs to offer the certifications to students. Effective leaders make sure their teachers are trained on licensure and…

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