I Went Into The Cave Essay

1414 Words Feb 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
I went into the cave to try and get some sleep but couldn 't. I finally dozed off at 6:30 but was awaken at 7:00 am. I heard voice outside of the cave getting closer and closer. I knew I had to leave. As I ran out of the cave, four people came into the cave. Luckily, there were two entrances to the cave and I slipped out of the other entrance just before the people would have been able to see me. I ran down the mountain as fast as I could, still limping from the car crash earlier. Even though it was 7:00 am, the sun was up and it was a scorching, cloudless day. I got in the car and sped off down the road. I ended up finding an old abandoned house close by. It was a blackish-grey color with a few windows broken out and a few were boarded up. It was a single floor ranch house. I went in and saw the Vice President of my company standing there. I called his name and he wielded two guns at me. He saw me and drew them back. I realized, he had the same gun I had taken. It turned out people were out to kill him. He said he also didn’t get much sleep. I asked about staying at the house, but he responded quickly, “I know a place where we could disappear. A place where we can sleep all we want. A place where we could sleep without worrying about being killed.” Just then gunshots came out of nowhere. I dropped to the floor and got behind a turnt over table. I peeked out and my friend was being shot multiple times from all directions. The bullets were coming through the walls from the…

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