I Was The Overweight Girl Within My Group Of Friends Essay

1207 Words Apr 26th, 2016 5 Pages
For as long as I can remember, I was the overweight girl within my group of friends. I did not really start to notice the effect it had on my life until I reached middle school. All of my friends received compliments, the attention of boys, and everyone treated them genuinely better compared to me. For me, I was the girl standing on the sideline, getting no attention and receiving pity compliments. These actions do not just apply to overweight middle school girls like I was. Overweight children, men, and women all over the world face the daily struggle of people judging them by the way they look. It is as though people think they can judge what is on the inside of a person by how attractive their physical appearance is. Even though someone’s physical appearance plays a part with how he is treated in life, beauty is powerful and the ugly truth is that in this world an overweight person has a constant struggle to defend his inner person, due to the fact that people are initially judge based on physical appearance. Unfortunately, discrimination plays a big factor in lives of overweight people. Overweight children feel as though they are picked last for teams in their physical education class, just like overweight men and women feel as though they are chosen last for jobs. Louise Bleakley, reporter for New Zealand’s The Press, notes that a recent poll of British recruitment professionals conducted a survey which suggests that overweight people lack self-discipline, are less…

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