Britney's Sorrow Analysis

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Everyone has done it, seen the oversized girl walking down the street and whisper to their friend “she’s pretty for a fat girl” or “she has such a pretty face if only she would lose weight”. The author of this essay pleads guilty to such actions. From elementary to high school Overweight teens are targeted all the time. They are taunted, humiliated and ridiculed for their weight. Social media plays a part in the message in which the bigger person isn’t pertained as good looking. Some Employers will not hire a person because of their weight. Some manufactures will not even make bigger sizes than 9. This type of discrimination can cause pain, depression and hurt the feelings of those on the receiving end.
In 2003,
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Britney was a senior at Kensington high school in Texas. This student’s entire life was a compilation of being made fun of by people she didn’t even know, not to mention never feeling comfortable in her own skin. Students would stare her down as if she was some sort of freak of nature. Britney was ostracized by her peers. During club fair, there was clear evidence of bias when the leader of the dance committee rejexted Britney’s request to join insisting that a club like cooking would suit her much better. The most popular girls in school were all skinny Minnie’s, which made Britney feel as even more of an outcast due to the fact that no boys gave her the time of day. An estranged student whom she had never met before murmured “moooooooooooooooo” as she walked by him in the hall. That was her breaking point. Although the teenager had a 4.0 grade point average, excelled in all 8 AP classes and was involved in a few extracurricular activities which helped her socialize with people on a weekly basis, she did not have enough will to live. Nine weeks before graduation, Britney wrote a letter to her mom saying how she could not withstand the teasing of the kids at school and committed suicide by driving her car over the bridge. People don’t realize how much discriminating can affect someone’s

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