I Was The Best Friend Essay

1988 Words Aug 29th, 2015 null Page
It wasn’t a gradual friendship, but instantaneous, where we just knew one day we were best friends. Neither of us had to say it, we both just knew we could tell each other anything. She was the person I immediately told everything to and whom I could never stay mad at no matter what she did. I was at her house every weekend and we would do the same thing every time; make a bed on the futon in her basement and watch an entire TV series on Netflix when it was cold out. In the summer, we went to her neighborhood pool and laid out all day in the blistering heat, competing who could get more prominent tan lines. Every time I walked in the front door, her parents would greet me with “Oh, hello second daughter!”, and it made me so happy. It was the best kind of happiness that I got from being around her family, where you laugh at something no matter how dumb it is, like her brother’s jokes, because you are just so damn happy and don’t have a care in the world. I swam all four years in high school, and that’s how I met Mariana. She was absolutely stunning, with naturally straight, long brown hair to her waist, tan skin, and a clear complexion, with perfectly arched eyebrows, to go along with her perfectly straight teeth. We didn’t exchange more than a few words up until senior year where this odd and accidental best friendship started. The first time I went over to her house, I was terrified; I hate meeting new families and was afraid hers wouldn’t like me. I ended up having no…

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