I Was Never A Runner Essay

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I was never a runner in elementary school, but that changed when I became a freshman in high school. I was never involved in sports, and I never pictured myself on a team, but I joined cheerleading, and track. I wasn’t joining track at first. I was initially going to join softball. I attended a few softball practices, but I found out quickly that softball wasn’t for me. I decided to join the track team for two reasons. One reason was because some of my friends were on the team, and the second reason was because I enjoyed how the track team was family like. It was easily to be accepted on the team. They made me feel welcomed. We did conditioning, but the actual season came around, and I was nervous because I was never the athletic type. When I started running I quickly found out that I enjoyed it. Running is therapy but cheaper.

Whenever I had a bad day I’d turn to running because it cleared my head. Running makes me feel free. When I would start my run it’s as if I don’t have a care in the world. I usually run around Mt. Greenwoods Park. When I’m running I tend to zone out. All I can hear is my breathing, and the sounds of the trees blowing. I think that’s another reason why I enjoy running is because of the nature sounds I hear. It’s very soothing, and relaxing. When I run I see tall trees around me, and see kids playing in the grass like they don’t have a care in the world either. Seeing that makes me happy because that’s how running makes me feel.

Besides running for…

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