Essay I Was Little, My Grandpa

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When I was little, my grandpa used to tell me “We are who we are, and that’s all there is to it.” I was born May 18th, 1999 in a hospital room in Calgary, Alberta. The first thing I saw was the great Rocky Mountains. My mom’s room had a spectacular view of them. I lived in Calgary for three years, one of which my brother graced us with his birth, until we moved to Woodstock, Georgia for my dad’s job. He’s had other jobs since then, but we’re still here. This picture was taken at our old house in Calgary. I was about four years old, and my grandparents had come down to visit us. I put my grandpa’s hat on, got up on the couch, and snap, one of my favorite childhood pictures was taken. I love this picture so much because it’s so genuine and real, and I look really adorable in it.
I have three favorite things in the whole entire world: acting, singing, and animals. I started acting in 8th grade, and I instantly fell in love with it. I’m a very shy person, so acting is one of my favorite things because it allows me to become someone new who I can make my own. I’m not shy anymore. I can be strong, snooty, silly, peaceful, daring, or brave. I can give my characters those traits. I also like singing. I’m not really sure why I do, I just do. When I’m home alone, I’ll have my own concert all throughout my house, or I’ll sing at the top of my lungs when I’m hanging with my friends, or I’ll sing to Caroline on the bus. It just makes me so happy. Being around animals makes me happy too.…

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