I Was A Little Girl Essay

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Going Forward When I was a little girl, I grew up with my parents being divorced. Not once did it ever bother me emotionally, but I did find myself wondering why was it, that my parents had to be separated compared to other people’s parents. I lived with my father for two years. I soon ended up going to live with my mother. Life was always easy with her and quite memorable. I never imagined life without my mother. I had always pictured in my mind, the rest of my childhood would be with her. Never thinking that a stranger could show up and separate me from her, even though I was quite wrong. Knowing how close my mother and I was, and knowing she was all I really had, since me and my father’s relationship soon came to a bit of nothing. Not that me and my father didn’t talk or see each other, but he never seemed to take much interest in raising me. I lived with my mom all the way up until I was twelve. She ended up meeting a man and she chose him over me and my two sisters. The man she was with had no desire for me or any of my sisters and pretty much wanted my mother all to him. He was controlling and grabbed my mother away like it was nothing. I was the first one she let go of, and I was sent to live with a lady that she didn’t even know. The lady I went to live with was named Amy, I knew her because of a close friend I grew up with. I never knew her well, but I did know that she had always told me that her house was open to me anytime that I needed somewhere to go. My…

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