I Want To Go Outside And Play?

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I must have the most annoying little brother in the whole world. His gross germ infested hands are always touching my things. He is constantly whining in his nasally little voice. I don’t know why he whines though, he gets EVERYTHING he wants. He is the center of attention. “Maddie, Maddie, Maddie. Do you wanna go outside and play?” “No. I do not want to go outside, John. Its dark. Leave me alone.” I can hear him coming. He runs so obnoxiously up and down the hallways. Tapping on the wall every few steps as if I couldn’t already hear him coming. He always barges into my room without knocking and my pictures behind the door fall to the floor every time. “Maddie, please please will you go outside. I wanna play hide and seek.” …show more content…
The noise hurts my head. I can feel rough gloves on my legs as they dangle over the arms of someone and I am jerked off the floor. A mask was placed on my face with the air coming through it and I am able to take deep breaths again. As I try to open my eyes, everything is a blur. I decide it is just easier to keep them shut. The air around me is cold and crisp. I can tell that I am out of the house. “Maddie can you hear me?”, said my mom as she gently touched my face. “Where are dad and John?” “Um, honey, can--?” “Where are they?” Right away I know something is wrong. My mom isn 't answering my question. As I open my eyes, I see my mom with her face in her hands. She looks defeated and helpless. I have never seen my mom look like this before. I look up at the house, my home, my entire home is engulfed in flames. Looking to my left and right, all I can see is the police, the firefighters, and the ambulances. Their lights are flashing blue, red, and white in almost a blinding sort of way. Behind me our neighbors are lined up, staring with terror. I don 't see my dad or brother anywhere. “Mom where are they?” Bothun 5
“Maddie they—they didn’t make it”, she said. “Your father went in to get your brother, but no one could get to the

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