I Want For My Art Credit Essay

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It was sophomore year a Brother Martin High School and it was that time of year again when our counselors would come to talk to us about scheduling classes for the next year. As is a requirement at Brother Martin and for the state of Louisiana, all students had to take an art credit to graduate and be eligible for the TOPS scholarship. As our counselor Mrs. Gomez talked to us about what was required for the next year and handed out our course selection sheets I contemplated what I would do for my art credit. Our options were Band, Art Studio, Fine Arts survey, and chorus. I went through options over and over again in my head trying to think of the advantages and disadvantages of all of my choices. I can not draw not do I have an interest in art, so I mentally crossed those two out. I like music, but I can not sing, so chorus was crossed off of my list. Marching band was the most logical choice to me because I have a love for playing music, however most people had to take beginner band in order to be part of the marching band, and I had never taken a band class in my life, let alone play any type of marching instrument. My options seemed to be limited to Art, but I was determined to do something I would enjoy. I sat down to lunch that day with all of my friends and we all talked about the classes we would be taking in the coming year with excitement. My friend Charlie, who I have known since eighth grade and introduced me to my piano teacher said, “I was thinking about doing…

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