I Think It 's Great That We Can All Share Our Prospective And Discuss Challenging Topics

700 Words Jan 31st, 2015 3 Pages
Daryll, I think it’s great that we can all share our prospective and discuss challenging topics in such a respectful manner. Every LGBTQ person has their own unique set of circumstances and experiences, but I strongly believe internalized homophobia is something most LGBTQ people have to confront in their lives. There were years of my life I hated myself for being gay. Growing up as a kid being called gay was the ultimate insult and remark a person can make to devalue someone. Before I even know what the word gay meant I knew from the context people were using it in that it was something no one wanted to be. I deeply internalized that. Add in the message that being gay is the ultimate ticket to hell and it’s easy to see how someone who is attracted to the same-sex can form a strong disliking for who they are at the very core. From family, friends, school, and community widely held perceptions about those who are LGBTQ have been negative. If you hear something enough from people you have respect for, love, and admire it’s easy to internalize it. I wish I could say when a person “comes out” that all fades away but I know for myself it all didn’t. Coming to terms with the fact that I was gay was something I had to grieve. I knew it would result in the loss of my natural supports and in many ways a loss of respect, credibility, and love from the people around me. I went through much denial. I loved God, I was a good person, and therefore of course I could not be gay. Gay was…

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