I Sit On The Soft Carpet Of My Living Room Floor Essay

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I sit on the soft carpet of my living room floor. It is a warm day and there is the sound of other children playing outside. Shouts and laughter filter in through the open windows along with a gentle breeze that ruffle the pages of a book in my hands. As the world moves on around me, it goes by without notice. I am in an entirely different world different world lost in the pages and words of a novel. I have been taken to a faraway strange and wonderful place where monsters and magic seem as real as the very pages in my hand, a place where a boy my age could be a hero that saves the world or can ride dragons and wield magic as simply as one might wield a stick. Growing up I loved nothing more to spend an afternoon lost in the pages of a great book. Starting early in my childhood my mother taught me to love books and literature in almost all form. Before I could read, she would record herself, reading books and when I finally could read, she bought mountains of novels, short stories and all the classics. My mother made sure that I read as much as possible and literature has been a part of my life for almost as long as I can remember. A large part of the reason I have learned to love literature so much is the way that it has the ability to free you. Pain, sadness, or even loneliness can all be forgotten between the words written in a book if only for a moment. Literature allows us to go places we could never see or places maybe even somewhere we could never even imagine.…

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